How is our bike different from our competitors - the crawlers?

  • People often ask how we are different than our competitor. The answer is simple: Just look at their bike and then compare it with ours. We are San Antonio’s Premier Party Bike. Our bike doesn’t crawl—it rides.

    Our bike is a lot nicer and manufactured better than our competitor’s. Our bike has the following features, which our competitor’s lacks:

    • Full suspension
    • Adjustable pedal seats
    • Seat backs
    • 6-speaker premium sound system
    • LED underbar lights & upper lights
    • Safety handrail
    • Padded rear seat
    • Lightweight aluminum bar & roof
    • Pedal deck for easy loading/unloading
    • Purse hooks
    • USB chargers for your phone
    • Karaoke system on board with 2 microphones
    • True pedal assist with clutch system
    • Full keg system
    • Built-in coolers & ice provided
    • Water misting system

Do we have to pedal?

  • CycloFiesta® Co. is an actual bike that is powered by the pedaling of the riders. In case our riders get too tired or if there is an emergency vehicle trying to pass by we have an electric assist motor that can help power the vehicle. On average the cycle can go as fast as five mph.

Are there rider requirements?

  • CycloFiesta®’s  seats are adjustable and can accommodate riders of heights from 4’9 to  6’5. The maximum weight is 350 lbs. for each of our pedaling seats. However, for those that do not meet these requirements, CycloFiesta® offers a comfortable bench seat that provides a great experience.

What is the waiver?

Every rider must sign a liability waiver before they ride with us. This is a legal document that is required by our insurance company. Our cycle, just like any other bike, has risks. We can offer helmets for your safety, in case you need one. Please let us know in advance.

Sign the waiver here >

Where do we ride?

  • We have selected routes throughout San Antonio for specific days of the week. When you book with us, you will be able to select the designated route. We operate in Downtown, Southtown, Midtown, the Pearl, and Dignowity Hill.

What about music?

  • We have a great onboard sound system that allows you to play your own music through bluetooth, or you can use one of our music apps to play your favorite tunes while you ride with us.

Can I charge my phone on board?

  • Yes, absolutely! We have custom made onboard USB chargers for your phone. We thought of every small detail when designing our bike for you!

Is it BYOB?

  • Yes, you bring your own beer, wine, cider, or malt beverage. NO glass allowedNO hard liquor, and you must be 21+ to drinkA “pony” style keg can also be brought. Our bike has an on-board keg system. Please make mention of this when booking your ride.Please drink responsibly. The City of San Antonio has given us the privilege to bring this new tour service to our beautiful city, so please help us keep our city fun and safe. Any inappropriate behavior will NOT be tolerated and riders not abiding by the law will be asked to leave the bike without a refund.

Can I bring my beer, wine, or cider into the bars we visit?

  • No! Please keep in mind that all bars in Texas do not allow you to bring your own beer, wine, or cider onto their premises. It is against the law! The beer, wine, or cider that you bring on board must remain in the bike at all times.Upon arrival DO NOT bring your beer into the bars. Keep them in your car or outside in the original box or ice cooler. Once we arrive, we store your beer, wine, or cider in our onboard coolers.

What happens if the social mixer does not meet the minimum 8-person threshold?

  • When requesting a Social Mixer, the tour won’t get a confirmation email until it meets the minimum threshold of 8 people. Once the minimum threshold of 8 people has been met, the booking will be confirmed and you will receive an email indicating so.All bookings must be done at least 24 hours in advance in order for us to plan accordingly. If the Social Mixer has not met the minimum threshold of 8 people 24 hours before the tour, the Social Mixer will be cancelled.

How safe is our party bike?

  • When we chose the manufacturer of our bike, we decided to go with the engineering firm that makes the cycle with the highest safety, comfort, and quality for our customers.Our bike has a pedal deck that allows riders to step on the floor board. Other bikes do not have a step board, which means the riders have nothing between the pedals and the street. Our bike also has adjustable seat heights to accommodate riders of different heights. Additionally, our bike is engineered with a very low center of gravity to prevent it from tipping over.

    Our bike has turn signals, headlights, and brake lights. The City of San Antonio requires our bike to comply with all safety requirements.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • 30 or more days: Refund equal to 50% of the tour’s cost OR a rain check good for three months
  • 29 to 15 days: Rain check valid for three months
  • 14 days or less: No rain check and no refund

What is your weather policy?

  • In case of bad weather, such as heavy rain, lightning, tornados, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, hail, or even in the remote case it snows in San Antonio, we can do a raincheck. Reschedule your tour to another available date or if that is not possible, we will honor a 100% refund.

Can we rent the bike for a special event?

  • Besides renting an individual seat or renting the whole bike for 2 hours, we can make special arrangements to rent the whole bike for more than two hours for a special event, corporate retreat, birthday party, retirement party, bachelorette/bachelor party, or other activity. Please contact us in advance to talk about special bookings for your event.

How far in advance do I have to book?

  • All of our tours must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. On special circumstances, tours may be booked less than 24 hours in advance by calling directly or emailing us. Our booking system closes all our San Antonio pedal bike tours 24 hours in advance.

Are there any Fees and Penalties for inappropriate behavior?

  • $100 Fee for vomit or excessive trash left behind on the bike
    $200 fee for stepping off the bike while in motion
    $500 fee for public urinationInappropriate behavior includes:
    a. Public urination

    b. Public littering or littering on bars/stops private property

    c. Offensive/rude behavior towards CycloFiesta staff or staff of bar stops

    d. Excessive intoxication and vomiting on the bike

    e. Jumping off the bike while in motion

    f. Walking on/off the bike with drinks